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Well, I have to tell you honestly, every day it's getting better. As I said, since 10 or 11 days [...] I move like this, I think it can't be true, no back pain. Yes, I really would like to do a jump in the air.

Participant (76) from Vienna about the EnterTrain system


The objective of EnterTrain is given by its name: enhancing the health and quality of life of independently living older adults by motivating them for physical Training in an Entertaining way. It is known that physical activity is important for older adults at any age and health status, from a healthy 50-year-old up to a frail 80-year-old. It can enhance the quality of life by reducing risks of some chronic diseases and relieve depression. Additionally, it has positive effects on fall prevention, the mobility and consequently supports people towards a more independent life.

A nowadays popular solution for enhancing the physical activity of older adults is to provide them with computer games which are played via body movement and thus have the inherent effect of unobtrusive physical exercise: so-called exergames. However, there are known barriers to be overcome. A very crucial requirement is to mind the mobility of the individual user, as many age-related processes have an impact on the ability to move which might differ from the skills needed to play the game. Hence, what is needed is an innovation: a platform that automatically and continuously adapts to the user’s preferences, skills and mobility.

Hence, within the AAL-JP project EnterTrain, an exercise gaming platform will be developed and evaluated in cooperation with end-user, combining three core aspects of AAL:


New, innovative technology for sensing relevant mobility and gaming characteristics of individuals is used to drive a personalized gaming platform. With novel 3D sensors motion of older adults is analyzed and a mobility and behavior model is learned over time and allows to asses the mobility automatically.


The increase of quality of life of end-user is the primary goal of EnterTrain. This includes the motivation and physical activity as well as the self-esteem of older adults. In order to ensure that the developed system is in line with the end-users needs, end-users are continously involved throughout the project.


Interoperability with existing AAL systems and services is tackled by the use of open standards and a commonly used 3D sensor. This is crucial in order to allow additional AAL solutions to be integrated and thus provide a solution bundle to the customers.

Participation in the Project

The EnterTrain experience!

We were looking for people from Austria and the Netherlands who took part in our project. There were three ways to interact with the project:
1) Taking part in an interview
2) Become advisory board member
3) Test the system free of charge

In order to take part in the project, the following requirements needed to be fulfilled: test persons were at least 65 years old and live independently at home without using walking aids inside your home.

  • Interview
  • Advisory Board member
  • Test the system


The following international and interdisciplinary consortium works together to develop the highly innovative EnterTrain system.
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Coordinator and experts for intelligent 3D sensors, Austria
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Computer Vision Lab, TU Wien

Scientific experts in Computer Vision, Austria
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Department of Sociology, University of Vienna

Sociological experts, Austria
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Samariterbund Wien

Care taker experts, Austria
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Game development for rehabilitation, The Netherlands
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Geriatrische Klinik St. Gallen

Medical support from geriatricians, Switzerland
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Software development, Romania
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National Foundation for the Elderly

Experts for Senior Care, The Netherlands


This work is funded under the AAL-JP and supported by the EU and national funding organisations of Austria, Romania, Switzerland and The Netherlands (AAL-CALL-2015-056).


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